Happy Fall to our Members!

Make sure you are aware of the new fall/winter facility hours! The Club will be closed on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. We will close the club at 5pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve also!

We are allowing members to bring up to 5 guest per day.

Please read the outdoor facilities waiver carefully and fill out before entry. Anyone 16 or older must fill out the waiver if they plan to use the indoor or outdoor fitness facilities by themselves or with a dependent member. Please note, Sheridan has the right to ask any member to leave the facility should they fail to follow club policies.

2020 Fitness Facilities policy updates

  • Member scan cards must be used at check in.
  • Replacement scan cards cost $3 dollars.
  • Showers are provided but we ask members only to use them as a washing off station, this will allow staff to focus on cleaning other more frequently used areas of the club during cleaning periods.

2020 Gym Facility policy updates

  • First come, first serve.
  •  10 person capacity at all times.
  • Member must be 14 or older, no exceptions.
  • Please use the gym facilities as efficiently as possible to allow the maximum amount of members to use the facilities.
  • Please remember to wipe down all machines before and after use.

Check out the Sheridan Facebook page for updates!

Please stop in, call, or e-mail us to begin your Membership Application. 1-217-224-1051

Sheridan Swim and Fitness Club in Quincy, IL

Outdoor Grounds of Sheridan Swim and Fitness Club in Quincy, IL. Serving the surrounding area including Palmyra, Canton, Mendon, Ursa, Hannibal, Fowler and YOU. Photo copyright 2012 Sheridan Swim Club.

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